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2017 MC4BSM

MC4BSM is a series of workshops aiming to gather theorists and experimentalists interested in developing Monte Carlo tools to simulate collider signatures of Beyond the Standard Model Physics, and to use such tools in phenomenological studies and in searches for new physics at energy frontier colliders. Since 2006, ten workshops have been held in this series, hosted in the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Korea and China. The focus of MC4BSM 2017 will include: 1) to report new features and new developments of general-purpose Monte Carlo tools; 2) to discuss the experimental needs from the LHC, from dark matter experiments, and from physics studies of future colliders; 3) to offer tutorials to senior PhD students, postdocs, and young faculty interested in using Monte Carlo tools in their research.
The workshop will be followed by an ATLAS Support Center satellite meeting on May 15-16.


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Local contact: Stefan Hoeche