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2017 US ATLAS VBF/VBS Workshop

The workshop aims are to discuss and review the status of VBF/VBS analyses within US ATLAS, and to identify deliverables to optimize their physics reach. This workshop takes place at SLAC with Vidyo connection to CERN. The meeting is open to all (US) ATLAS collaborators. More program details will be announced as they become available.
Michigan: Bing Li, Matt Klein
Duke: Sourav Sen and Shu Li
BNL: Claire Lee, Lailin Xu, Viviana Cavaliere
Indiana: Sabine Lamiers and Christian Johnson 
Stanford: Zihao Jiang 
Chicago: Rui Zou 
Pittsburgh: Ben Carlson, Andy Aukerman, Tae Min Hong 
Stony Brook: Chris Hayes 
SLAC: Aviv Cukierman, Francesco Rubbo, Ariel Schwartzman 
Gottingen (not US ATLAS, but people outside were interested too, so that's good): Antonio de Maria  
Follow up and Impact (by Ben)
A number of points raised in the workshop have led to future work. My own focus has been on implementing a VBF trigger. I have spent the last few months implementing the VBF triggers we discussed at the workshop, and the support from the VBF/VBS working group has been critical in this effort. For example, as a result of the workshop, I can now point to a broad set of use cases for VBF triggers. This topic was also discussed at the December physics workshop (see a slide or two from David Strom [2]). 
In terms of offline, I think Matt can comment more, but my opinion is that the general survey information we received has been very useful in identifying areas where offline improvements will improve VBF analyses. Matt gave a nice summary talk, also in the December physics workshop, where much of the information was drawn from the USATLAS VBF/VBS meeting [1]. 



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SLAC / CERN and Vidyo


Local Contacts: Ben Carlson (U. Pittsburgh), Matt Klein (U. Michigan) and Francesco Rubbo (SLAC)