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2022 SLAC Summer Institute

The SLAC Summer Institute (SSI) is an annual two-week-long Summer School tradition since 1973. The theme of the 50th SLAC Summer Institute for this Golden Anniversary year's installment is “Golden Opportunities: Puzzles & Surprises - Past & Future”. These SSI lectures will discuss how our attempts to solve and understand the various puzzles and surprises presented to us by nature, whether we have been successful or not, have pushed – and continue to push - our field forward. This SSI intends to inspire reinvigorated effort for new revelations on these fundamental puzzles. SSI is especially targeted for graduate students and postdocs while senior researchers are also welcome.

There will be also special 50th anniversary sessions at the end of SSI to look back at the history of SSI. We are evaluating the COVID-19 situation continuously and preparing precautionary measures, but unless the situation is taking a worse turn than the present orange level in California the program remains on site.   


through PST




Su Dong, Charlie Young