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Some Lessons from CTEQ School

Lennart Adam, a graduate student visiting from Mainz, attended the CTEQ Summer School earlier this summer, and he will tell us some of the things he learned there that are potentially useful for anyone doing an ATLAS analysis. Please see abstract below:

This talk will summarize a selection of topics covered by this year's CTEQ Summer School held in Pittsburgh, PA. The main focus will be on Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs), i.e. a brief introduction to the general properties of PDFs and how to retrieve these from different measurements. As an experimentalist, I will aim to present recent developments of PDF creation from the point of view of an ATLAS analyzer. The second topic of this talk will be a short comparison of the main MC generators (Pythia, Sherpa and Herwig), also seen from the experimentalist's perspective. 

It is anticipated that there will be no ATLAS internal material presented. 



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Local Contact: Charlie Young