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West Coast LHC Jamboree

The idea is to gather together LHC experimentalists and theory colleagues to discuss possible developments for Run 3 and Run 4. In particular, we are interested in exploring if there are any new physics scenarios that we have yet to exploit, new developments that could enable new searches, and technical innovations to improve the sensitivity of measurements.

The format will be rather informal to facilitate the discussions. We plan on having theoretical overview of the following physics areas:

- Precision — Higgs & SM (i.e. VBS)
- BSM direct searches
- BSM Higgs
- LLPs

We would also like to discuss new techniques mainly impacting: 
- Trigger
- Tracking/flavor tagging
- Machine Learning 
although are open to any novel ideas!


through PST




Local contacts: Ariel Schwartzman, Su Dong, Lauren Tompkins, Caterina Vernieri