Muon System

CSC Readout

We assumed responsibility for CSC readout at the beginning of Run 1. Its performance was improved continually in order to keep up with the ever increasing trigger rate and at the same time the system proved to be the most robust of all subsystem readouts. 

The trigger rates planned for Run 2 were beyond the hardware capability of the Run 1 readout system. The new readout system we provided during Long Shutdown 1 (LS1) has again kept up with ATLAS trigger rates and has proven to be very reliable. Routine opertional responsibilities have therefore been handed back.


Shielding for the Muon Spectrometer 

Our background simulation software was validated during Run 1 through extensive comparisons with measurements in the Muon Spectrometer (MS) and dedicated radiation monitors. Shielding improvements we proposed for Run 2 were installed during LS1 and background rates in the MS have been reduced significantly. 

We have designed new shielding for the new Small Wheel (NSW) upgrade that is expected to be installed during Long Shutdown 2. Fake muon triggers in the endcaps should be greatly reduced.