Computer Account

SLAC hosts a shared analysis computing facility for the US ATLAS community. The center provides CPU, disk space and software toold to support both Grid and non-Grid based physics analysis facilities. The information here is for direct access to SLAC computing resources rather than access via the Grid.

If you are not registered as a user already, please follow the instructions for User Registration to obtain a System ID (SID). Then fill out the Account Request Form. Note that "Additional Instructions" box has been pre-filled. 

  • SLAC provides several types of computer accounts. You need a Unix account for ATLAS analysis work. A Windows account is necessary if you want access to protected SLAC pages.
  • You are welcome to have a Microsoft Exchange email account; however, many people find it more convenient to have automatic forwarding to their home institution's email address. In this case, select "None" for SLAC Email. Please note that SLAC institutional messages, such as reminders for mandatory cyber security training, will be sent to the option you select here. 
  • Print your name, and sign to acknowledge that you will abide by the acceptable use statement. 
  • For authorization, put down Charles Young and Group Code AT. 

Send the completed form to Charles Young