Computer Account

SLAC hosts a shared analysis computing facility for the US ATLAS community. The center provides CPU, disk space and software tools to support both Grid and non-Grid based physics analysis facilities. The information here is for direct access to SLAC computing resources rather than access via the Grid.

Make sure that the User Registration step is complete, and then send an email with the following information to Charles Young

  • Last Name:
  • First Name: 
  • System ID number (SID): 
  • Username first choice: 
  • Username second choice: 

    Note: Username may contain digits (0-9) and lower-case letters (a-z). Username must begin with a lower-case letter a-z. Username must not be shorter than 3 or longer than 8 characters.

While we can look up your first and last name based on SID, it helps to identify typing errors. After you obtain your SLAC computer account, please