Request ATLAS Membership at S3DF

This document is about requesting access to S3DF after you obtain your SLAC computer accounts. If you have your SLAC account ready and functional before Feb. 1, 2024, it is likely that we already did this step for you. This step is for new users.

The SLAC Shared Scientific Computing Facility (S3DF) uses a combination of "facility" and "repo" to manage resource. To use ATLAS resource at S3DF, you need to be part of the "ATLAS" facility and "usatlas" repo (or other repos if you are instructured to do so). You should apply these membership AFTER your get your SLAC Unix account.

  • Go to, login, click "repo" (top left) and click "Request Access to Facility" (yellow tab). Choose "ATLAS" facility
  • You will get an e-mail when your access to ATLAS facility is approved. After that, go to the same place, then click "Request Repo Membership" (yellow tab). Choose "usatlas" as repo name, and "ATLAS" as facility name.
  • Once your repo is approved (check your e-mail). Please login and check if your space /sdf/data/atlas/u/ is available. If not, ask for help by sending an e-mail to Wei Yang <>.